Posts made in May 3rd, 2017

Frank Klingemann, CEO KUKA Systems GmbH and Market Owner Automotive, about new challenges in the future between consumer behavior, business models and market trends that influence industry and business: Mobility, digitalization, and sustainability change consumer behavior and in turn the value chain. This poses industry with the challenge of uncertain future development, requiring it to react flexibly to changing market demands. We can offer our customers this flexibility, giving them the scope to create new business models. Our new production concepts pick up on this and combine our experience with new technologies. KUKA has been implementing operator models in the automotive industry for many years, paving the way towards cost-effective, scalable and smart factories, and supporting the production of more than two million car bodies.   » e-mobility is far more than just a new drive type, it’s an established aspect of how we will be mobile in the future.« Human-robot collaboration, connectivity, and future-oriented hardware and software solutions smooth our partners’ way to help them satisfy customers’ requirements. In the e-mobility sector, for example, we offer an extensive solution portfolio from adaptable body construction and battery module production to e-drivetrain assembly systems. E-mobility is far more than just a new type of drive, it is actually an established aspect of how we will be mobile in the future. The paradigm change from ownership to mobility consumption forms the basis for new business models. These market trends can be identified in various forms in all industries, not only in the automotive sector. Our experts develop customized solutions to make sure your new business models are successful. KUKA already provides... Read More