Rocket Launch

Posted By on 2014-02-07

Yesterday evening 6:30 pm local time in French Guiana an “Ariane 5” space rocket lifts off from space mission launch center in Kourou to its 125 minute flight to transport two satellites into the orbit. Totaly about 9 tons freight were lifted into the sky. Well, but what has that got to do with KUKA Systems?

Our colleagues in Augsburg supplied three years ago an automated welding station for producing the upper stage nozzle of the Ariane 5- launch system. Since then more than 150 noozles were produced in this welding cell. High technology for the space and for safe freight transportation.

Welding Cell for Ariane 5730 meters weld seam and 14,600 weld spots were made at each nozzle¬†. Delighting precision . Also to this “small” news – 6:30 pm in the north of South America.

Congratulation on the successful mission and to out team for this “Masterpiece of Engineering”.

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