Interview with the winner Team RAS: In your opinion, why should young researchers take part in the KUKA Innovation Award? First of all it is a lot of fun. You stay together almost two weeks with researchers from all over the world and with robotic experts from KUKA which is one of the main benefits. Secondly, the award accelerates the technical readiness of your innovation. Having an innovation continuously running on a fair is something totally different from having it running in the lab. The videos KUKA produce are of an outstanding quality, made by experts, and you can use them for advertising your innovation possibly for the next few years. Finally, you get valuable feedback during a lots of discussions with possible users and world leading robotic researchers, which you can use to further improve your innovation.   What was your most exciting moment during the competition? The moment directly before the announcement of the winner was of course the most exciting moment during the competition. Every team has worked very hard and invested a lot of time to win the KUKA Innovation Award. At this moment, it was completely unpredictable who of them may win, since they are all worthy winners.   What has changed for you since winning the Innovation Award in April 2017? Our goal is to bring the Airbag from research into the market in order to make human robot collaboration safe. Winning the KUKA Innovation Award is one of the best accelerators you can imagine for achieving this long-term goal. The fair and the valuable presentation of our idea within the KUKA booth led to a... Read More
“With Abt, we have a Partner who is innovative and just as we are technologically very sophisticated. I look forward to the cooperation.” -KUKA-CEO Dr. Till Reuter according to the agreement with ABT-Chef Hans-Jürgen Abt.- The Formula-E is based on pure electric motors and thus technically new ways are created to work more economically, more environmentally friendly and more sustainable. These new standards in Motorsport proved itself in a short period of time as an attractive racing series. Another special feature of electric motors is that they work much more efficiently. With an efficiency of approx. 100% of the electric motors, it is significantly higher than that of the Formula 1 engines. These goals and technological challenges can be found in the KUKA AG, this is due to the reason why Daniel Abt is an ideal partner for the KUKA AG. Since February 2017, he has been sponsored by KUKA. This partnership is symbolized by the KUKA logo on the nose of the ABT Schaeffler FE02 as well as in the box. Daniel Abt is one of the youngest German drivers with his age of 23 and has the starting number 66. With this innovative technology, Daniel Abt was in particular challenged by the clever using of available energy quantities of the Formula-E. He is one of the most popular pilots in the racing world, especially because of his always open and friendly manner. Already in the second season he attract attention for his three reached podium places. In 2009 he won the ADAC Formel Masters and 2010 he became runner up of the Formula 3. One highlight of the racing season was the gained second... Read More
Frank Klingemann, CEO KUKA Systems GmbH and Market Owner Automotive, about new challenges in the future between consumer behavior, business models and market trends that influence industry and business: Mobility, digitalization, and sustainability change consumer behavior and in turn the value chain. This poses industry with the challenge of uncertain future development, requiring it to react flexibly to changing market demands. We can offer our customers this flexibility, giving them the scope to create new business models. Our new production concepts pick up on this and combine our experience with new technologies. KUKA has been implementing operator models in the automotive industry for many years, paving the way towards cost-effective, scalable and smart factories, and supporting the production of more than two million car bodies.   » e-mobility is far more than just a new drive type, it’s an established aspect of how we will be mobile in the future.« Human-robot collaboration, connectivity, and future-oriented hardware and software solutions smooth our partners’ way to help them satisfy customers’ requirements. In the e-mobility sector, for example, we offer an extensive solution portfolio from adaptable body construction and battery module production to e-drivetrain assembly systems. E-mobility is far more than just a new type of drive, it is actually an established aspect of how we will be mobile in the future. The paradigm change from ownership to mobility consumption forms the basis for new business models. These market trends can be identified in various forms in all industries, not only in the automotive sector. Our experts develop customized solutions to make sure your new business models are successful. KUKA already provides... Read More
Time is flying. The Hannover fair is in full swing. This year many solutions for the industry 4.0 are in focus. Topics like Human Robot Collaboration (HRC), Mobility and Networking play a major role. Especially our Coffe 4.0 application amazes our visitors and spoils with tasty coffee in the sign of industry 4.0. Coffee 4.0: The KR Agilus as a Barista Whether  you add milk and sugar or prefer it unsweetened and strong, everyone likes their coffee in a particular way. That is why we are preparing coffee in a new way: by having two robots serve the drink as mechanical baristas – from order taking through to preparation and serving. Customized products in industrial manufacturing With the Coffee 4.0 application, KUKA is demonstrating what is already possible today. All core functionalities of networked digital production in a smart factory are implemented in a fully operational manner. The required production and system data are thus stored in the Cloud. By scanning the barcode the mechanical barista receives the customer order. The customer used this barcode already before to establish his coffee preferences. The benefits are obvious. For example, system data can be called up from anywhere on a mobile device, maintenance requiremments can be predicted and the Service team can immediately be informed of any irregularities via the Internet. The showcase can be transferred at almost any industrial production process. Instead of grinding and brewing, it could be welding, adhesive bonding, pouring, laser cutting and much more. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote... Read More
TechTuesday: Sensitiv

TechTuesday: Sensitiv

Posted By on 2015-04-28

For todays TechTuesday our link tip goes to our own YouTube Channel: We added some new movies about applications with the LBR iiwa using its sensitive abilities. Just have a look:       VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes... Read More
TechTuesday: Intec

TechTuesday: Intec

Posted By on 2015-02-24

Today live from the Intec in Leipzig. Informations about our booth you can find in our Newsroom. here you can see some first impressions:       [show slideshow]     VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes... Read More
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