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The new year starts with a past purchasing project. But neverthless I’m going to open a new blog category to show you how we think and act sustainable. First there are no big programms or  projects. But here my colleagues at KUKA make so many various activities and efforts to protect the enviroment and optimize the life cycle assessment. If they’re working at their desk, at the production facility, at the construction site – in all places there are starting points to save energy and ressources.

Thomas Schrall, Dieter Hansch and Frank Klingemann

Thomas Schrall, Dieter Hansch and Frank Klingemann with KUKA Ampera

My first example is the acquisition of a new vehicle for our car pool at KUKA Systems. For daily transfers between our facilities and production plants in and around Augsburg. The executive board  under the direction of Frank Klingemann and the head of commissioning Dieter Hansch decided to choose this electro hybrid car. Exciting speedup and basely consumption provide a lot of fun for the daily tours, says Thomas Schrall. He drives among others the car in his job, responsible for construction sites, equipment and tools.


By this category “Green Automation” we’ll inform you about more sustainable projects.





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