A brand on the move

Posted By on 2012-02-03

Technology Solutions hit the roads of Europe

As of November 2011, the Augsburg-based technological leader will be presenting the “KUKA Systems” brand to the wider public. A white semitrailer tractor with over 400 HP under the hood, pulling a 14-meter trailer bearing the slogan “Technology Solutions – Made by KUKA Systems”. As part of a trailer change, the trailer was provided with a new tarpaulin. The tarpaulin of the 40-tonne trailer truck shows the KUKA Systems communication motif “Space” – why not get the systems integrator and its brand out on the road and bring it to the people? In this way, the company increases its presence, not just with its customers, but also on the roads of Europe.

Every year, a volume of over 2,600 million tonnes is transported on German roads – 6,900 tonnes alone belonging to KUKA Systems. Each of these deliveries differs in size, volume and weight; no consignment is the same. More than 10,000 shipments ranging from small goods to heavy loads are handled every year by the logistics team at Augsburg headquarters. All shipments are controlled from here. For the 25-strong team, reliability and punctuality have top priority. The customer is king: this motto is also true for the Bavarian integrator KUKA Systems.


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