Augsburg’s next top player

Posted By on 2014-07-18

Things are getting serious again: It’s less than one month until new season starts for the FC Augsburg – we already prepare for this. With lots of sunshine and cheerful players yesterday the FCA Media Day took place in the SGL Arena. The club invites its sponsors to stage themselves and their products with the team.

We created our photoset and placed our robots to take our pictures. Together with photographer Ingo Dumreicher we motivated Marcel de Jong, Erik Thommy, Ronny Philp and Markus Feulner to a peak performance of acting in re-enacting of a blatant dive, challenged Sascha MöldersJan Morávek, Caiuby Francisco da Silva, Ragnar Klavan and Mathias Fetsch to a penalty kick off the robots robots hand and asked Alexander Manninger to show us the victory pose of a winning goalkeeper.

If you want to see more, stay tuned  and see the results here soon!

Foto 1 Foto 4 Foto 7 IMG_2797 IMG_2799 IMG_2802 IMG_2811 IMG_2814

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