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Posted By on 2011-11-15

An outstanding “Energy Kino” show wins Silver Award

The KUKA Systems “Energy Kino” show has won the Annual Multimedia Award 2012. Awards were presented by a high-caliber panel of experts for the best multimedia productions of the past two years. The “Energy Kino” show took the Silver Award.

Together with Augsburg-based agency LIQUID, KUKA Systems GmbH designed and produced a trade fair installation that shortly afterwards received the Annual Multimedia Award. The task of the panel of experts was to document the state of the art. A number of projects, which had already made a splash with their online application, proved to be highly successful. In the end, there were over 100 projects to nominate in the categories Event/Game/Installation, E-Mail Marketing, Web TV/Video, Terminal, Desktop Application, Tool and Digital Innovation. The KUKA Systems “Energy Kino” was highly popular and won in the category Event/Game/Installation.

Das KUKA Systems Energy Kino

The “Energy Kino”, shown for the first time at the EU PVSEC trade fair in Hamburg in 2011, was entered in the Digital Marketing competition. It consisted of a glazed cell, inaccessible to the visitor, with an industrial robot at the center. Three screens, displaying a virtual room, were mounted on the robot arm. Trade fair visitors were shown brief sequences providing information about KUKA Systems as a company and about the range of products and services for the Energy sector and for automated photovoltaic module production. At the same time, coupled with the robot motion, visitors passed through the virtual room. The motion stopped at individual positions where the visitors received additional information about products, technologies and the company. Perfectly coordinated sound and light effects cast an additional spell over the audience.

The panel of judges finally presented the agency LIQUID with the Silver Award for the KUKA Systems “Energy Kino” project.

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