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Posted By on 2013-12-05

Tonight is St. Nicholas and my cleaned extra-large boots are already available. St. Nicholas visits children in the night of 5th to 6th December, leaving apples and nuts or in the present day also sweets such as chocolate St. Nicholas, gingerbread and gifts. Not to forget, a boots or a pair of shoes should be placed, in which St. Nicholas places his gifts. Free after Theodor Storm “From out the forest I now appear, to proclaim that Christmastide is here! For at the top of every tree are golden lights for all to see…” the St. Nicholas day sweetens the waiting for Christmas and woe to it only the helper comes to me! In my family there is also the tradition to give St. Nicholas the wish list for Christmas. Therefore, mine is already written and today’s night on the trip. Who wants to have it easier, can write directly to the Christ child. Here you can find the address: Letter to Christ child


St. Nicholas





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