Easter lamb

Posted By on 2014-04-17

An Easter lamb today found its way to my desk. A colleague has baked it for me. Actually it should have to be dedicated on Sunday, but it is questionable whether I can get against the seductive flavor until then. The Agnus Dei (Latin for “Lamb of God”) is a symbol used in Christianity and stands for the resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday. It goes back to the Jewish origins of Easter. The Passover was celebrated in the same week the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ took place. Passover reminds the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. The Lamb as a sacrificial animal was slaughtered to commemorate God. From the very beginning the Catholic Church unified Christ as the “lamb of God” with the sacrificial lamb. The lamb is often depicted with marks and victory flag. The white coat stands for purity and symbolizes peace. In Germany, it is customary to bake an Easter lamb and eat it together at the Easter breakfast. You can find recipes for such a delicious lamb here.

There are other traditions around Easter. So often Easter fires are lit on Easter Sunday, colored Easter eggs are hidden and must be searched. How do you celebrate Easter?



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