In 3.4 seconds to 100 km/h

Posted By on 2015-08-10

As promised some of our employees had the opportunity to test the Tesla S through his paces and everyone would prefer to keep the car at the end. The boost of the electric car is very direct and very fast. The difference between the almost silent start and the extreme acceleration is impressive. That’s why you have to pay attention not to be too fast. Sure, the Tesla has a function with an automatic warning system but on a test run you want to try everything. The facts and figures of the tested vehicle speak for themselves – 700 PS HP all-wheel drive, in 3.4 seconds to 100, outstanding tuned chassis and a large space capacity. Tesla promises a range of approximately 460 km. We couldn’t exhaust this in a 30 minutes drive but some of our colleagues tried it at least. The processing – done with KUKA robots – of course is top and the driving behavior fits to such a luxury sports car. “To drive the car is really fun” says Severin Wittmann, Sales assistant Body Structures Sales and Project-Management after the obtained test drive and “preferably I’d like to have it for a weekend to extend it once in a winding mountain route”. Unfortunately we cannot fulfill that desire but who has the chance to drive the car: do it! “It is just phenomenal” adds Severin Wittmann quite enthusiastically and finds only one word to summarize the drive “marvelous”.


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