Interview with Team RAS: Winner of the KUKA Innovation Award 2017

Posted By on 2017-06-20

Interview with the winner Team RAS:

In your opinion, why should young researchers take part in the KUKA Innovation Award?

First of all it is a lot of fun. You stay together almost two weeks with researchers from all over the world and with robotic experts from KUKA which is one of the main benefits. Secondly, the award accelerates the technical readiness of your innovation. Having an innovation continuously running on a fair is something totally different from having it running in the lab. The videos KUKA produce are of an outstanding quality, made by experts, and you can use them for advertising your innovation possibly for the next few years. Finally, you get valuable feedback during a lots of discussions with possible users and world leading robotic researchers, which you can use to further improve your innovation.


What was your most exciting moment during the competition?

The moment directly before the announcement of the winner was of course the most exciting moment during the competition. Every team has worked very hard and invested a lot of time to win the KUKA Innovation Award. At this moment, it was completely unpredictable who of them may win, since they are all worthy winners.


What has changed for you since winning the Innovation Award in April 2017?

Our goal is to bring the Airbag from research into the market in order to make human robot collaboration safe. Winning the KUKA Innovation Award is one of the best accelerators you can imagine for achieving this long-term goal. The fair and the valuable presentation of our idea within the KUKA booth led to a lot of useful discussions and contacts with possible customers. This award definitely pushed our Innovation.


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