Logos, lego and dancing

Posted By on 2011-08-03

Visitors both big and small had fun at the Summer Festival in Bremen

The great order situation and the resulting lack of space in the halls of the Assembly and Test Division of KUKA Systems meant that the location of the annual summer festival was changed to the “Strandlust” beer garden, which has a view of the Weser river in the Vegesack district of Bremen. It was a very good decision too, since the weather was fantastic and it was one of the few real summer days this year. This naturally had an effect on everyone’s mood: children and adults really enjoyed the day on the Weser river. Everyone ate, drank, played, laughed and conversed well into the evening. Children in particular had a lot to choose from: there was face painting, a balloon twister, games and a wide range of sweets – the latter also being shared by adults. Another highlight was the raffle. The KUKA logos on the lego vehicles sparked much fascination – how did they get there? But the adults weren’t left out in the cold either. A DJ provided appropriate music and there was still some dancing going on late in the evening.

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