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Posted By on 2011-12-12

KUKA TechDays get out and about

Prompted by the success of the in-house show, KUKA TechDays, in Augsburg, the TechDays were held outside Germany for the first time in 2011. At the end of September, KUKA Systems India organized an in-house show with technical focuses. The event centered on solutions relating to welding. More than 80 guests from different sectors and industries took part, and also got involved in the discussions relating to the topic of welding.

KUKA Systems als Schweißspezialist

As a warm-up on the day, the guests were welcomed with films and pictures showing the fascinating world of welding solutions from KUKA. In this way, the guests were able to find out more about the welding shop solutions, as well as new information from the wide spectrum of technology. Many applications were shown, starting with solutions for gas metal arc, Magnetarc or friction welding through to laser welding, laser hybrid or spot welding. Two arc welding cells and their technical highlights were presented in the second half of the day. The main areas of interest here were above all the complex components and how they are processed. In addition, a laser seam tracking system was integrated for the first time in the history of KUKA Systems India. The visitors were thrilled by this of course. They also had the opportunity to view a friction welding machine which is currently being used for welding components for the automotive industry. Robotic welding and friction welding are both still relatively new on the Indian market, therefore both technologies were of interest for large manufacturers and smaller companies alike. The aim was to help visitors to get over their inhibitions and understand that productivity can be increased using robot-assisted systems. At the end of the day, many took the opportunity to join in an intensive discussion on the topic, thereby allowing questions and problems arising to be clarified directly. However, it was not only the visitors but also the employees of KUKA who were thrilled by the day, and as a result the entire team is already looking forward to repeating the event next year. Then, without doubt, the following words will be heard once again: “A warm welcome to KUKA Systems India, and I hope you enjoy the TechDays!”


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