MTMS-Machineering 2017: Smart Industry solutions of KUKA

Posted By on 2017-03-24

KUKA presented the sensitive characteristics of the LBR iiwa and the possibilities for human-robot collaboration at the MTMS-Machineering 2017. The trade fair for Machines, Tools and Technologies for Smart Production and Engineering took place from the 22nd – 24th of March 2017 in Brussels.

KUKA combines intelligence and sensitivity in a collaborative robot: the LBR iiwa. One of the applications showed how the lightweight robot draws a perfect picture of the KMR iiwa with a marker. The LBR iiwa has joint torque sensors in all of its seven axes. With these joint torque sensors, the LBR iiwa can reduce its level of force and speed instantly in case of contact. Therefore the robot can also handle delicate components without causing any damage to them.

A special highlight was the application that showed the skills of the LBR iiwa in direct collaboration with humans. Two robots grabbed a shopping bag and provided it. Afterwards it was filled by our staff with a present for our visitors. We work hand-in-hand for you and are pleased with the many visitors at our booth at the MTMS-Machineering 2017.

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