My gift with heart

Posted By on 2013-10-22

Humedica serves needy children from around the world for years and we also help. Therefore our apprenticeships have restarted the “Christmas package” campaign, to put a little joy to needy children.

The first package of hopefully many is already packed and a little girl should be happy on many colorful (well, tend to be pink) gifts.

So that we can increase our rate of 220 packets, we ask for diligent participation of all KUKAner. And it is really very simple – the joy is prepared in six steps:

1. Shoebox cover: cover a shoebox complete with colored paper or some decorative embellishments. Please make sure that the lid is covered separately and removable.

2. Stickers cut out: indicate whether you would treat a boy or a girl, as well as the contents of the packet corresponds to which age group on the coupon. Cut out the coupon and glues the cut-out sticker clearly visible on the package.

3. Packets content: fill something from each of the following groups in your packet (the mixture makes it):

• new or reconditioned toys – stuffed animals, dolls, cars, ball, puzzle, cubes, etc.

• Candy – please make sure that the sweets are stable at least six months.

• new toiletries – toothbrush (please in their original packaging), toothpaste, soap, shower gel and shampoo, cream

• Towels, hairbrushes, combs, barrettes

• new or like-new clothing – hats, scarves, gloves, shirts and sweaters, pants, socks, etc.

• School supplies – pins, sharpener, time- and picture books, erasers, notebooks, rulers, etc.

The following items please do not pack up, they are sorted out:

• Foods – the packages are a long way and the food would be bad.

• German products (books, etc.) – hardly a child outside Germany speaks German.

• Phonograms (CDs and tapes) – many poor children lack the equipment to play.

• War toys – many gifts go to war zones and the packet should not remember the war’s horrors.

4. Greeting card in the packet: prepare a special treat to the small recipients if your parcel a personally written greeting card set in, a family photo or a painting. Specify your personal address please not on the greeting card.

5. Close the packet with elastic bands: it is very important that you seal your parcel only with rubber bands. The respective Customs reserves the right to control the packets.

6. That’s it, ready to give it to the collection point at KUKA: And already you gave rise a “gift with heart” from an ordinary shoebox, which will give a child a very special pleasure. The ready-assembled “gift with heart” can be dropped off directly at KUKA in Augsburg Lechhausen from November 04-12.

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