Technical Insights at Girls Day

Posted By on 2012-05-10

We at KUKA don’t care much about the prejudice that women don’t understand technology! By the end of April, the group of 25 girls visiting us here for Girls’ Day 2012, has proven us right.
Since 2001, the Girls Day offers schoolgirls the opportunity to get a taste in technical and scientific careers, which are considered “untypical” for women. KUKA helped the girls prove their technical skills and showed them the departments of metalworking, pneumatic, electrical and mechanical engineering. After a short company presentation our apprentices presented their workplaces and reported on their work and their everyday experiences in the profession. In the meantime, the girls busily soldered and screwed – some venturous even dared to build a pneumatic circuit.
The girls were especially thrilled by the offer to gain experience abroad in one of our branches during apprenticeship at KUKA. So I am sure we will soon meet again some of the girls in an internship, or as a trainee, working student or apprentice. If you are also interested in the world of technology, stop by our page and KUKAJobs you are applying for a one-week work experience placement or internship!

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