Chinese New Year 2014

Posted By on 2014-01-27

Different countries, different customs – or how the Chinese celebrate the New Year

About a week ago we received a package from our marketing colleague Qiao Liu from China. Therein was a traditional Chinese greeting card with a thank you note for the good support and cooperation in the past year and best wishes for the new one, as well as a small gift (this year a desk calendar). That is what she calls a “Chinese New Year package”, which is a Chinese tradition she wants to share with us.

Chines New Year - typical chinese pictures (right: Wu Fu Lin Men)

Chinese New Year – typical Chinese pictures (right: Wu Fu Lin Men)

On top she gave us typical Chinese pictures such as the image of Wu Fu Lin Men. He signifies good luck wishes and blessings for the New Year. The Chinese are talking about five blessings: a long life, wealth, health and peace, doing good and enjoying a great age.

The upcoming year will be a good year. On January 31st begins the Year of the Horse in China. The very fact is incredibly lucky. But there is also the positive element of wood.

A short summary of 2014 – The year of the Wood Horse:

The Year of the Wood Horse is a time of fast victories, unexpected adventure and surprising romance. It is an excellent year for travelling – the more far away and off the beaten path the better. This year is energetic and swift, decisive action will be rewarded. You have to act fast in a Horse Year, if you are not 100% secure about a decision, then don’t do it.

We want to thank our colleague Qiao Liu so much for the wonderful package and wish her and of course everyone else a happy and prosperous New Year – influenced by the Wood-Horse!

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