KUKA breakfast

Posted By on 2012-04-18

Breakfast is the most important criteria, according to nutritional meal a day. This phrase keeps popping up on the internet or in magazines. If you do not really breakfast, you will quickly tire of, the mental and physical fitness breaks down faster and the concentration decreases. To avoid this situation, my colleagues are supplied with a power breakfast during the next two days. Every employee at KUKA Systems in Augsburg  has the opportunity to prepare a delicious breakfast at various locations on the factory premises.

Healthy eating is natural for our management.

Healthy eating is natural for our management. This morning, I’ve got muesli with yogurt and a pear, plus a glass of milk and I feel fit as a fiddle. Healthy food is also important for our CEO Frank Klingemann, the patron of the project “fit for KUKA”, which is running in KUKA Cares program. “I personally think a good breakfast is very important, not only on the weekends. Especially at work, where you have to perform, whether physically or mentally, the meal in the morning is really essential. But this is often forgotten. With such actions on site, we want to give our colleagues food for thought, to regain ones strength by healthy eating, ” he explains.
A really great event for our employees, which should remind everyone, “the breakfast is the springboard into a successful day.”

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