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Automation goes green – the InnoCaT4 project
The goal has been clearly stated: Develop innovations and solutions that will meaningfully reduce the energy and resources needed to build car bodies. The consortial InnoCaT4 project is part of the “Innovation Alliance Green Carbody Technologies” initiative. Together with Volkswagen, the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU and fifteen other industry partners, KUKA Systems conducted research on solutions for energy and resource-efficient car body manufacturing in three of the seven subprojects of this consortial initiative. As the world’s leading supplier of engineering and automated manufacturing solutions for sustainable industrial manufacturing in the automotive sector, the systems integrator has what it takes to develop appropriate technologies.

Werkzeugbau“eMil” and Formula Student – the racecar that relies on KUKA expertise
About fifty students on the WHZ Racing Team at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences joined hands to design, develop and build a vehicle in nine months to enter into the Formula Student competition. Their latest baby, called “eMil”, weighed in at 238 kilograms and went from zero to 100 in four seconds without a drop of gasoline. The car is electric, and KUKA Systems GmbH’s machine tool BU built laminated parts for it at its Schwarzenberg factory. The specimen is located in the middle of the Competence Center.


New ways to do spot welding – a spot welding process for aluminum
New challenges demand new methods. The materials used by manufacturers have continued to evolve over the years. The same applies to the technologies used. Various sectors now want to use aluminum, which is very difficult to join using conventional spot welding processes. KUKA Systems GmbH knows how to make a strong joint when welding together two pieces of steel and has been able to overcome the aluminum hurdle based on this knowledge.


Material mix in friction welding – a new era dawns for friction welding machines

Welding is the oldest joining process known to man. It has been used for centuries. This joining method remained little changed until the beginning of the nineteenth century. KUKA Systems established friction welding as an industrial joining process in 1966. Since then, the process has been marked by numerous innovations. Among these are the material mix used for the EU mobility sector and lightweight construction, as well as automated machine loading. Systems integrator KUKA demonstrated the most modern way to load a machine when it introduced the LBR iiwa, a fulfillment of the vision that sees humans and robots collaborating.



Fiber reinforced materials assignment – developments in the area of composites and lightweight construction

The importance of manufacturing, processing and joining composites and lightweight components has been rising steadily. These materials are used for aviation and outer space applications, sports and recreation, vehicle assembly and transportation systems, the energy industry and many other sectors. KUKA Systems, an automation specialist, designs systems capable of making, processing and joining these materials.


Manual or highly automated – KUKA Systems assembly and testing systems
Around the world, carmakers and automotive suppliers build engines, manual and automatic transmissions, as well as axles and differentials on KUKA assembly lines. Assembly operations such as bolting and joining are as much a part of these systems as are sophisticated measuring and test stations. KUKA Systems in Bremen supplies assembly lines for all car and truck drivetrain components.

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