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Posted By on 2013-07-12

Today i went to the exciting topic of robot-based hemming. An interesting technique that is used in sheet metal processing. A sheet edge is bent over in order to obtain a stiffening of the edges. As a combined process hemming can also be used to provide a connection of several workpieces by means of forming. It is also interesting that the automation of the hemming technology can be flexible. For example, with interchangeable roller hemming for a variety of components and manufacturing processes.

KUKA Systems apply roller hemming for example in the production of body parts, such as closures. Even with our customer Opel (GM), the technology is in use. He provided us to have a look behind its scenes. Have a look on it….
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6UVWhg7_N8?feature=player_embedded]

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