Posted By on 2012-07-10

KUKA MAscotOkay, at KUKA we’re building the future and dealing with innovative technologies. Even we’ve developed solutions for space rocket components. But till today we didn’t achieved the planet Mars with their “residents”.  And now a graffiti decorates a wall of our plant here in Augsburg, which shows one of these “Invaders from Mars”.

Monocular (-> back to the basics?), with a hat on his head (-> what’s to protect?), a friendly smile on his face (-> ‘humor is, if you laugh anyway’?) and a three fingers hand (-> usually enough to count up three?). Fair enough – its green body (-> symbolizes sustainability?), but the blood in the veins is orange! – also could it represent the new KUKA mascot?

What do yout think about?


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