So, the day can start

Posted By on 2014-07-18

On the annual KUKA health day my day started perfectly with a healthy breakfast. Cereals, some fruits and whole grain bread made me fit for the day. This was important as, next to my work on the beverage bar, I had to do some sports. Frank Klingemann, Chief Executive officer of KUKA Systems and patron of the health day opened the day and tested his abilities on driving a mini forklift against his colleague. I have to admit that he was much more successful than I was. On the “big” forklift I failed unfortunately and crashed some pylons. You can’t even imagine how difficult and how narrow the field of vision is. Hats off to the performance of my colleagues. Bud I made a good impression at the fire drill and could quickly put out the fire. In addition I informed myself about back exercises in the workplace, reactive walking and Qui Gong. A successful day, which makes appetite to move on.


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