The JAV invites…

Posted By on 2015-07-30

Like every year the delegation of youth invited all apprentices and trainers to their annual summer festival. With a huge pavilion, hot food and cold drinks the summer festival becomes successful! All apprentices and trainers came together to review the past year of apprenticeship, here at KUKA. In connection with the informative meeting, there was the summer festival, where not only our “old bunnies”, but also our newcomers, who will start in September their apprenticeship here at KUKA, were welcomed. In this way the newcomers could learn more about each other. They also got some important tips from our apprentices for their apprenticeship. Although the weather wasn’t very well, all the apprentices and trainers had a good time at summer festival 2015!

In this sense we wish you all a recreative vocation and a fresh start into the new year of apprenticeship! Also we wish our newcomers a great start for their apprenticeship and their time here at KUKA.

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