Year of the horse

Posted By on 2014-01-31

There are twelve characters in the Chinese Zodiac.  Horse is the seventh one in Chinese Lunar Calendar. There are many different versions of how those characters have been selected. Here is one of them for horse.
Legend of Horse Year
It is said that there was a “dragon-horse” (like the unicorn without the horn) companied the Jade Emperor in the Heaven. This animal was very powerful, as it can fly in the sky, swim in the sea and run on the land. However, it became quite complacent with its power. One day, it went to the East-sea Palace and tried to break in. The guard of Palace couldn’t stop it and got killed by it accidently. Jade Emperor got angry with the dragon-horse and let him lose its wings and only let him run on the land. So the Dragon-horse became a horse like. It felt regret and decided to help human being to repay what it has done wrong. Gradually, horse became good friend with humans. When Jade Emperor was selecting the twelve representatives for Chinese Zodiac, horse was suggested by humans to be one of them.
In the Year of Horse, whoever was born in this year would wear something in red in order to keep the bad luck away. It is sort of the same meaning with using firecrackers in red on the Chinese New Year Eve to keep the Monster Nian (means “Year”) away. Therefore, Chinese people call the Spring Festival “guo nian”, which means beat against the Monster Nian. On the Eve, people use firecrackers to scare away Monster Nian and the day after Eve, people celebrate a new success year coming by firing firecrackers again. It is important for whole family reunion on Chinese New Year Eve because they together could fight with Monster Nian and celebrate after the success. There are other traditions, such as using door stickers with Gold God, flowers (welcoming the spring arriving), and so does the gatepost couplet.
KUKA Systems China wishes everyone enjoys this important festival and share with us the happiness of another successful year coming! Hope every KUKAner and his family a wonderful, healthy and prosperous year in 2014!

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