Blood for a good cause

Posted By on 2013-01-23

Stefan Mayr registered eight years ago as donors at the DKMS (German bone marrow donor data). At that time, he wanted to help a sickness in the neighboring village. But the values of his donors did not agree. In August 2012, he had then the chance to save a life. After some preliminary investigations and intense clarifications by the DKMS, Mayr donates some stem cells.
Trecipient of stem cells is going well after the successful transplantation. “I am pleased that I could help”, says Stefan Mayr, development engineer at KUKA Systems. “I know about the patient, that he is 60 years old, from a Scandinavian country and that he had a very aggressive form of cancer”, so Mayr. He would do it again at any time. “It is just a good feeling to give other hope. And I can only advise anyone to go typing – maybe this donation saves another life.”
For his efforts he was honored by Frank Klingemann, President of KUKA Systems. “We are pleased to present the DKMS certificate as a “Lifesaver” to Stefan Mayr.” In addition, the company took the salary continuation during the bone marrow harvesting, which normally carries the DKMS. “For us, it was quit natural to support the work of the bone marrow donor data and therefore took over the costs”,  so Klingemann.
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