Dual studies at KUKA

Posted By on 2014-08-18

I recently finished my bachelor’s degree at the Augsburg university of applied sciences – in a dual course which contained also an apprenticeship at KUKA Systems.  This means University and  vocational college are coordinated to have vocational education instead of university lectures once a week. Furthermore you get the chance to apply your newly gained knowledge in practice in the company, for example in a practical semester or during semester-breaks. I also wrote my bachelors thesis at KUKA Systems and worked on a project proudly presented at this years Automatica in Munich. In the first place I devoted myself to the hand teaching of the LBW iiwa and the subject of human-robot-collaboration.

Now the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences was about to create a new image movie for the faculty of electrical engineering and asked me to take part in this as one example for a career as a graduate. We took the opportunity of having a professional setting at the Automatica in Munich and had a shooting at the application built there. I could talk about my studies and about the possibilies opening up to me now, to display this to people interested in this course and possible workplaces. My boss also gets a chance to speak about the advantages of the dual studies from the companies point of view.

The movie you can now find on the sites of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. Here you can see some pictures of the Making Of:

Making of Imagefilm 3 Making of Imagefilm 2 Making of Imagefilm 1


















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