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Walking the talk – then this is called authenticity. And because it was discussed already a lot of “Compability of  Family and Career” and also taken some first small steps in this direction (parents leave, homeoffice regulations, etc.):  there is the next big step forward. Tackled (here: the spade) and built a new day care center for children in our city and the location of Augsburg.
Done now: The groundbreaking ceremony for the new building of the KUKA day care center – completion in autumn of this year. In November, 30 children up to 3 years  find care – for KUKAner children close  to the workplace of their mom or dad.

Spatenstich zur Kindergrippe

Then the children were central of the opening ceremony for the construction site–armed with diggers and shovelsthey took over the ground-breaking ceremony for the opening of the construction site, together with the boards of the KUKA and the Association “Orange Care“.





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