TechTuesday – adhesive.

Posted By on 2014-07-08

One central technology in our portfolio is bonding respectively sealing, which is one of the most important production stages with high demands on quality especially in the automotive industry. Bonding and sealing are two closely related joining processes used in manufacturing. In bonding, workpieces are joined together using an adhesive. Sealing prevents substances from passing from one space to another. Use of adhesives is one of the world’s oldest and, at the same time, most modern joining processes. Just as the use of birch bark pitch as an adhesive in the production of tools was important for the survival of the Neanderthals 45,000 years ago, the manufacturing industries of today are inconceivable without modern adhesive bonding processes.

This means the automotive industry is not only using this technology for direct glazing, but also to seal the seams of the car body. This is not only needed to avoid rust but also to help keep liquids and fumes out of the later driver’s cabin. The automatic application of adhesives and sealants has the advantage that the application quality of the adhesive/sealant bead always remains constant. This allows different seam geometries to be achieved quickly and simply. The material is applied precisely and at high speed, while changes in direction can be programmed in such a way that the application of adhesive or sealant is adapted accordingly.

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