TechTuesday: Dubai calling

Posted By on 2014-08-05

Last week we talked about the abilities of a laser to cut parts, today we will show that this technology can join as well. Laser hybrid welding is a hybrid process because it combines the advantages of laser welding with those of arc welding. This means that at first, a laser beam heats the surface and generates a deep but slender burn at evaporation temperature. After that a light arc develops a wider scorch. In this way the heat affected zone is minimized despite having a deep burn in. This protects the component from warpage while making sure that the workpiece is completely penetrated. The process allows a high production rate and a high welding quality at the same time.

This is why this technology was used for a very special customer project: The production of 2100 metal inserts for the frontage of a first class hotel in dubai. The architects wanted the welding seams to be visibly strong, so laser hybrid was just the right process. Our customer uses the very same cell to produce light boxes for shops as well.

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