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An extraordinarily sustainable process, called a „green technology“, is friction stir welding. The energy consumption is very low and there is no chemical preparatory treatment needed. Furthermore the load the worker is exposed to is far smaller than in most of the other joining processes, because there is no light arc, no steam and no heavy noise exposure.

But how does this work? A rotating, almost wearfree pen is driven along between the two parts to join. Heat is produced by the rotation of this tool, which is why the material is plastisized. Combined with a forward speed this causes the conglomeration of materials and  a neat weldseam.

This process is especially appropriate for welding non-ferrous metal with a low melting temperature, e.g. aluminum or brass. As the weld is proceeded below the melting points of the joining partners, porosities and cracks are avoided like they are common when the molten mass consolidates.

Do you already know our newest film about friction stir welding? This one and a lot more you can find on our YouTube Channel.

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