TechTuesday – Friction Welding

Posted By on 2014-04-15

On our website you can now find our updated technology section. Within the next weeks – every Tuesday – we will present each of the technologies on our blog.

We start with on of our most famous joining technologies, namely friction welding. By use of this pressure welding process lots of different materials can be joined (e.g. steel with brass or aluminum with ceramics). Both adherends are positioned against each other and one of them is set in rotation, producing heat by friction. As soon as plasticization is reached the adherents will be pressed on each other and joined stable.

KUKA Systems sets highest quality criteria and consistently develops this process – this is why friction welding is known as an exceedingly reliable joining technology which is frequently used to produce security related components, e.g. airbags, drive shafts or wheel rims.

Watch our video and see one of our friction welding machines in action:

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