TechTuesday: Fully charged!

Posted By on 2014-11-25

Battery contacts are made from two of the most conductive materials: aluminum and copper. However, these are metals that are difficult to join using a conventional welding process. With the tried-and-tested friction welding technique from KUKA Systems, these two materials can be welded simply, quickly and with high process reliability. Beyond this, the interface resistance at the weld is low so that there is no loss of energy.

Thanks to these and more advantages, we could beat out the competition from Japan and Korea and get a new customer: a battery manufacturer with a production of battery contacts for an electric vehicle of a premium German manufacturer. Thanks to many years of experience with this welding technology and experience constructing machines, we were able to complete the test phase and deliver the friction welding machine to China within six months. Read more about the process and the Chinese market here.

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