TechTuesday: Hemming

Posted By on 2014-06-24

Hemming is a sheet-metal working process in which the edge of the sheet is bent over in order to make the edge stiffer. Hemming can also be used as a combined process to join several workpieces together by means of forming. One huge advantage is that different materials can be joined this way, such as metal sheets and plastics, as is often required in the automotive industry.

With the development of High Output Quality (HOQ) Hemming we at KUKA Systems can offer exceptional benefits regarding quality and productivity. With an optimized control of the driven hemming roller the motion of the flange-mounted hemming roller over the metal to bend it over is now closely synchronized with the robot motion. This way it can work more precise to grant a higher output quality and is therefore reducing production time by about 50%.

We implemented projects for vehicle doors or tailgates with roller hemming technology. Therefore automation can be implemented flexibly. For example, changeable roller hemming tools for different workpieces and manufacturing processes can be provided in an automated cell.

In our video you can see the production of aluminium closures at JaguarLandRover with ourroller hemming technology.

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