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Also a big topic for the Metalloobrabotka, actually taking place in Moscow, is submerged arc welding. This means workpieces are welded by means of an arc under a layer of powder. The powder – fed automatically and sucked off again after the welding process for the sake of efficient material circulation – protects the weld seam against oxygen by forming slag and improves the conductivity of the arc gap. Submerged arc welding is particularly efficient in the case of long seams and thicker plates. It is thus predestined for numerous applications in steel, container and commercial vehicle construction.

TVSZ - Unterpulverschweißen

Automation makes tracks: Every 24 minutes, a complete freight car rolls off the assembly line.

KUKA Systems is the first company to have implemented the process in flexible robotic production systems for rail vehicle construction. Russian rail vehicle manufacturer was supplied with a complete turnkey system for bending sheet steel and welding vehicle components. The bending line and the three large welding lines are able to process components up to 25 meters in length. For this system, KUKA Systems for the first time combined robot technology with submerged-arc welding, a joining process particularly suitable for long seams and thick sheet metal.

See our film about submerged arc welding here:


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