TechTuesday: The total package.

Posted By on 2014-08-26

Over the last few weeks we presented a different technology each week and thus showed our wide range of services. But what exactly are all these different options ultimately used for? Today it is all about the “total package”. How are all of these technologies used by KUKA Systems in customer projects and how is step by step a system designed?

Throughout the entire process the part to be produced by our customer is in the center of attention. As one of the first steps the exact needs will be analyzed together with our experts and an appropriate technology will be evaluated. When this is found, the individual production steps are clearly defined and a system concept is developed. In close agreement with the customer, this is first virtually planned and optimized – space, cycle times and logistics must be thought through well in the finished system. After that the plant is built in real life so that only the finishing touches will be held in the production hall. Here, our technicians ensure nothing is jerky or stuck – and of course for the implementation of the technology in highest quality, whether it is welding, soldering, or cutting. In the end, the only matter is the perfect product for our customers.

Our colleagues just finalized this process and the result is a new plant for the production of ladder-type frame, a load-bearing structure in vehicles with a separate chassis for a customer in the automotive industry.

As a sneak peek you can see an overview here exclusively in a short trailer – you can read more about the project here soon.



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