TechTuesday: Toolmaking

Posted By on 2014-09-09

Last week, we have already grazed the competences of our colleagues in the beautiful Erzgebirge in our article about a politician visiting the site. But what happens there? The KUKA Systems division for tooling is located in Schwarzenberg. Our experts for the production of sheet metal cutting and forming tools for presses are sitting there. The tool makers manufacture forming and cutting tools at all levels of complexity and for processing a wide range of different metals, such as the latest project, the development of dies for the side wall of the new Volvo SUV presented last week. They can handle different grades with consistent quality, be it vehicle body panels of steel, high-strength steel or aluminum. A true masterpiece is the aluminum forming of a one-piece outer skin part of the car. The tools are finally used in in robot-, feeder- or transfer-automated presses and press lines.

In addition, KUKA Systems in Schwarzenberg offers an integrated CAE process chain with modern simulation systems and certified quality management. This forms the basis for meeting in full the requirements placed on us by our customers.

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