Impressions from Shanghai

Posted By on 2013-06-19

Sometimes fair building in China is ¬†exciting and also an adventure. We do not know whether our hard-working exhibition craftsmen in Shanghai when setting up our KUKA Maypole indeed all were unmarried (such as the Bavarian custom requires it)… The Maypole stands. The technologies and areas of competence of KUKA Systems are easy to read the attached directions.
Pearl Tower in Shanghai

That the exhibition “Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting” (from 18-21 June 2013) for KUKA Systems is already a success on the second day, is not only on the idea of presenting the friction welding and laser welding technology in the Bavarian ambience. Photo backdrop of Neuschwanstein Castle, with our employees in the Dirndl and colleagues in “Lederhosen” and delicious Bavarian snacks – of course with Bavarian beer – the international and Chinese visitors are seriously impressed and help to overcome some language barrier.

Our colleagues fromKUKA Systems Shanghai advise and look after prospects and customers, which inform about technologies, but also enjoy the Bavarian delicacies and beer.


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